Jonathan R Buzan

WHO:       Jonathan R. Buzan

                  M.S. Purdue University, Earth Sciences

                  B.S. University of California, Santa Cruz,

                  Earth Sciences


WHAT:    PhD Candidate

                 Characterizing Human Heat Stress in the

                 Context of Climate Change


WHEN:    2010 to Present


WHERE: Earth Sciences

                University of New Hampshire

                8 College Road

                Durham, NH 03824


WHY:      Develop tools for scientists and policy

                 makers to quantify risk management

                 and cost functions for future climate.


HOW:     Adapting the Nation Center for

                Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Community

                Earth System Model (CESM) to incorporate

                a variety of human physiology models/

                indexes for coupled operation.  

CONTACT:  jonathan dot buzan at unh dot edu

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